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300, 500 mA X-Ray Machine

300, 500 mA X-Ray Machine

300mA, 500mA X-Ray machines have been designed to suit the fluoroscopy, radiography, spot filming and unique procedures. Supreme image quality distinguishes our machine from the others. Its self-governing control over selection of M, kVp and time is exclusive characteristic that empowers you with the flexibility to get hold of unmatched quality and contrast to enable the best clinical decision.


100 mA Mobile X-Ray Machine

100 mA Mobile X-Ray Machine

100 mA Mobile X-Ray is a superior frequency auto programmable X-Ray system. Precision, high power and very economic are some of the attributes which make this machine meet all radiological needs at an affordable price. Auto programmable elevated frequency based inverter makes the system complete and precise. High-Frequency Auto Programmable X-Ray Systems at an affordable Prices!!

PRECISION, POWER, ECONOMY makes High Frequency X-Ray system
High Frequency X-Ray Machines are powered to meet all Radiological needs at an affordable price. Auto Programmable High Frequency based Inverter makes System Precise and Complete. All High Frequency X-Ray System are designed taking into consideration Reliability, True

Main Features of High Frequency X-Ray System:

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Adonis C-Arm Machine

Adonis C-Arm Machine
  • Adonis C-Arm Machine
  • Adonis C-Arm Machine

C-Arm Machine offered by us helps in intensifying the image and locating the source of the bleeding. Ergonomically designed, the machine has microprocessor controlled X-Ray operations and ensures high performance. The machine possesses monitoring system and cordless remote which makes the functioning of the machine easy and simple.


Computerized Work Station With The Following

Last Image Hold , Pulsed Mode , Live Mode , Recursive Filter , Contrast Enhancement, Negative Image , Zoom both in Horizontal & Vertical Direction , Mirror Images , Up side Down Image etc. Large Data Image Storage Facility both in Frame by Frame mode and in Movie mode . Added CD writer for recording on the CD

Colour Doppler

Colour Doppler

Colour Doppler is specially designed to add imaging to sonography and reflecting sound waves to evaluate blood as it flows via blood vessel. The assortment ensures excellent reliability and accurate performance. The doppler uses usual ultrasound techniques to produce a picture of the blood vessel. DC-3 is designed keeping in mind the client's comfort, and providing different solutions to relieve operator's fatigue.


DC-3 is designed with customer's comfort in mind, accordingly providing various solutions to relieve operator's fatigue.
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